My last salary was 1/3 of the usual notes i carry home at the end of every weiry month.

Asked finance guy. Taxes he grimly muttered. This after all the possible tax deductions, investments, 2038D, 76C and 389J tax breaks. Soon figured others in the office space had faced similar tragedies. Some said, "oh well". Some whined, "what for, why, how, what a waste", "for these roads, for this traffic, for this f%*@ all net connection, for no dance bars (yes someone actually said that), what for??"

Someone also mentioned "pollution". I like this one. I personally know about 5 odd people who do not litter and apply pressure on the flow of blood to their heart by preaching about it. Everyone else makes littering into an artform. Plastic bags out of car windows, crumpled paper out of the rick, empty chips packets on the side of the street. I love it. As a cynic and anarchist, it gives me immense joy and pleasure when MBAs, MCOMs, PHDs, CFOs, VPs, MPhils, MDs, MCAs, BAs, LLBs, and other acronymns lead the way to a filther India.

My all time favourite however is the flick of crap out of the living room window. Who in hell is going to walk all the way to drop it in the bin in the kitchen. HAHHAHAHA....i love it. Almost makes me want to pay more taxes. Must get tiring for some 500 odd MPs to screw over a billion ignorant illiterates. They have to get their chai-paani.
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