deconstructing the nano


It's a blessing. It's a curse. It's everything in between.
The real Nano is not a car. It's a dividing line. It's going to forever separate two classes of people on two sides of a fence.

Most of all - even before it launches - it's redefined paradigms. The status quo has changed. And nothing creates more furore, disagreements, discomfort, and sheer chaos than something that changes what already exists in a completely different, unpredictable way.

It's politics versus economics.

The Nano says, politically, balls to you. I exist. I will pressurize your infrastructure, snarl your traffic, flood your parking space, add to your smog. I don't care if you're a white Merc with a flashing red light. I will be on the road. And probably in your way.

The Nano says, economically, your prayers have been answered. I will make sure that you won't have to balance your whole family on 2 wheels. Not get wet in the rain. Not wait for years for Your First Car. I will make you rise in society. And I am affordable. I am possible. The dream is that much closer now.

And when a billion people want, it happens. You can't block it.

And when it happens, there are consequences. Yes, there will be traffic snarls. There will probably be permanent gridlock. There will be a situation that will not be solved with one more train or three more flyovers.

The status quo has changed.

Whether you drive a sixteen-wheel vanity van, or have a police convoy, or a car that costs the GDP of several small countries - physics is still physics. You can't occupy the same road space.

And now, the real changes will come. Not just better, wider roads, but new roads. At whatever cost. Not just new rakes and new trains, but new lines. Completely new systems.

The crazy addition of new cars on roads - unrestrained, unrestricted - will change. What may have taken years can happen in months now. Finally, congestation taxes.

It's not going to be pleasant. It's going to be hellish for a while - but remember, because the Nano is a revolution in car usage - revolutions are rarely peaceful and bloodless.

Don't sell that bike yet. You may need it more than ever, very soon.

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