Dear Sanjay

Dear Sanjay,

I like you. I really do. I want to be like you...well almost.

You are rich and powerful. You drink like there is no tomorrow, do drugs, in and out of rehab, party like crazy and make a ton of cash for a whole bunch of crappy to good films and everything in between. You have powerful friends who sponsor your films, who hook you up with the wild parties and drugs. More importantly they look after you when you are scared. Get you grenades, pistols and automatic rifles. So even you are having a bad paranoia trip, you have a nice little assault rifle to make you feel nice, cozy and secure.

Your daddy was rich and powerful, he allowed you to drink and get high, pull his weight when the CBI chargesheeted you, keeping you out of jail as long as he could.

Your friends are rich and powerful. And they love you too. They are going all over town saying that you might be a alcoholic and an ex-addict and a wee bit insecure. But you are a really nice guy. So what if you broke the law. You are a nice guy and mean no harm. You dont deserve a jail term. Some of them are even saying you did not break the law. I think you need to update them that you have admitted to the charges and have been convicted in the same. Makes them look a bit silly.

Your fans are rich and powerful. Well, some of them. They too are all over tv, the papers, the internet and outside the jail. They too think you are a really nice guy. Some of them too think you did nothing at all.

Your sister is rich and powerful. She knows the Supreme Power in the Land - Ms. Gandhi. She went to meet Ms. Supreme Power in the Land. She begged, she pleaded. She told Ms. Gandhi what a nice guy you are. Not sure what Ms. Gandhi said....or will do for that matter.

I want to be rich and powerful. I want everyone to like me and let me do as i please. I want everyone to work for my freedom.

I have only one question for you dear Sanjay. Do you think the grenades that your friends and current roomates, got for you that fateful day in 1993....yes the same ones you claim to have sent back with you think they were used shortly after to kill 6 people and injure 3 at the Mahim Fisherman's Colony?

Well who're rich and powerful...and a really nice guy.

Good luck.
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