Shiv Sena and Orkut

I completely agree with the Shiv Sena's petition to ban Orkut. I mean we might be a democracy and all that jazz, but how can anyone dare to criticize THE Shiv Sena. I mean after all that the have done for our great nation and the great state of Maharashtra.

Just summarizing some of their key achievements in the last few years....

- Partition of the state of Bombay into Maharashtra and Gujrat, while "cleanzing" Gujratis from Bombay
- Full participation in the razing of Babri Masjid
- "cleanzing" Mumbai of Muslims post the razing
- Teaching scheduled castes, Muslims, Christians, couples, artists, retailers, MNCs, and others how to conform to true Indian values
- Promising to clean Mumbai of slums on multiple occasions prior to elections. Unable to do so due to the corruption created by other parties, foreign intervention, bias by parties at the center and other very valid reasons that i just dont recall right now.
- Changing the name from Bombay to Mumbai, ridding us finally of any remaining influence of the British empire. The change in name infused an immense sense of pride and self-worth in millions of Indians, Maharashtrians and Mumbaites, which in turn increased productivity, which in turn resulted in record GDP growth.

So what if there are more Orkut communities that are "pro" Shiv Sena than against. The point is that the criticism is simply not justified.

Jai Maharashtra.
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