Dry Days

I was in Goa recently. For three days. The three days happened to fall bang in the middle of a 5-day-dry-day spell. Local elections. Now, its not like i really missed my drink or anything or that my holiday was too terribly affected, but i know a lot of tourists were not too kicked about this. Did i mention the parched days covered a weekend?

Anyway, India has dry days for 3 primary reasons:

1. Elections
2. Some religious holidays
3. Happy berdays of some beloved persons

I could not think of a concept more silly.

With elections - i can stretch my sense of practicality and still accept the forced abstinence.

We kill others in the name of our individual gods. We eat beef, meat, pork, drink alcohol, smoke, fornicate like rabbits before and after marriage with multiple rabbits, indulge in wild rioting at the most ridiculous issues, steal, lie, cheat, and whatever else falls in the syllabus of the devil, yet, we find it necessary to honor our gods and martyrs by locking up the bottles on their happy berdays.

Also, i think somewhere in the Constitution there is some talk about - equality, socialism, secularism, separation of state and religion, etc etc. Why then only some gods and some martyrs get the honor of a closed bar? Bit unfair, dont you think? Also, some of these folks get a national holiday, but they dont get a dry day. I think the government has some kind of rating system for gods and patriots.

I wonder if i can view the ratings if i file a right for information petition on this....
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